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This Portable USB Humidifer is easy to use. It didn't start up right away on the first attempt, but it worked and love it. Wait a few minutes after you put it in a cup of water before plugging in the power. It'll work. Living in the desert, the air is often dry and I prefer to only humidify a small area to help avoid mold by over humidifying my entire home. This is great. It works very easily and I sleep better at night. We haven't traveled with it yet, but we know it'll be perfect in really dry hotels like some of the hotels in Las Vegas. In hotels we've stayed at before, it's very dry and uncomfortable even with the AC blasting away. I think it's a great product and can be useful depending on where you live or where you travel to.

Amy G.

I purchased the Ultrasonic Air Humidifier and absolutely love it! The wood is extremely high quality and I love the fact you are able to easily add essential oils to the mist. I primarily use it in my living room and I plan to buy another for my bathroom when I take a bath. 

Melissa C.

Perfect travel size humidifier! I love this little humidifier so much! Fits perfectly in a water bottle. We used it by our bedside and it was so quite but worked so well. My husband loved it so much he stole it to take to work with him! Simple and easy to use. Comes with it's own cord and extra filters as well. It says can use with essential oils but I haven't tried That out as my husband keeps "forgetting it" at work. I would highly reccomend,this gadget and even suggesting getting 2 as you may end up fighting over it,like we do!

Lauren A.